Memoir of a Thirteen-Year-Old Girl

Surviving the Cambodian Genocide

Omaha Airport June 20 1979 - Emotional Em, supported by Ee just outside the jetway. Ee is holding Em's broken hand bag and UNICEF bag that contained all of our documents. Hong ran into the jetway behind Em and Ee to receive Chenda and Me.

Omaha Airport

June 20, 1979 - my mother, sister Chenda Chhi, and I arrived in Omaha Nebraska. We had not seen or known anything about my brothers Mark Chhi and Ken Chhi for 3 years.

In this photo our mother was emotionally crying as my brother Mark (Ee) comforted her just outside the jetway. Mr. and Mrs. Howe (Millie Howe) came to welcome us witnessed the unforgettable moment of our family reunion. The picture was taken by Mr. Howe.

Mr. and Mrs. Howe had sponsored my brothers when they arrived after spending 1 year of the Khmer Rouge regime in Cambodia. With an open heart, the Howe family welcomed my brothers and gave them a home and a family to go to. There were so many loving memories during those early years which Mark and Ken shared with us.

After our arrival three years later, I wondered how Mrs. Howe would feel, now that the boys got their Mom back. I wonder if she knew, she nows had 4 more children, in addition to her own Elaine Howe Dlouhy and John Howe. We love you!!!