Memoir of a Thirteen-Year-Old Girl

Surviving the Cambodian Genocide

I wish to thank my friends who read and commented on the manuscript: Catherine McIntyre, Curtis Roelle, Jane Gray and Nancy Flowers. I would like to thank my nephew Joseph Smead, who bravely accepted the task of editing the very first draft of the manuscript, and Jimmy Kong for his creativity and skills in preparing the cover photograph.

Thank you to my brothers Mark Chhi and Ken Chhi, and my sister Chenda Chhi for bravely reliving and sharing private and sensitive memories in support of this story, as well as their thoughtful feedback on the manuscript. For my brother Ken Chhi for his creativity in drawing the French Village hut, and for his unwavering support and encouragement.

I especially wish to express my utmost appreciation to my husband, Kent Laux, for his tireless effort in reviewing this story from cover to cover multiple times. I am genuinely grateful for his patience, his constant encouragement, and for unselfishly supporting me in completing this writing.

Last but not least, I would like to thank each and everyone who helped spread the word of my book through social media. I am blessed to have your support! I would also like to acknowledge the following supporters who gave me their trust in completing the book and sharing to the world by backing me though crowd funding: Mark Mercer, Steph Parker, Jason Uechi, Syla Ly, JoAnne Jennings, Nancy Gausman, Jess Turner, Michael Owen, Curtis and Cheryl Roelle, Richard Laux, Wayne and Verla Roelle, Mark and Sherry Hammer, Michael C. Kovalich, Neal Herman, Lynda Larsen, Jackie Laux, Oliver Crespo, Michael Burns, Sue and Paul Whitted, Mellany Travers, Fran and Al Keif, Christian Tse, Michelle Maasz Brouwer, Kristen Kraupie, Kirk Laux, Vivan Brown, Natasha Laux, Jason and Katie Slabach, Surmeet Gill, Chenda Chhi, Ken and Kandi Chhi, Andy Chhi, Rachel Chhi, Alan Chhi, Mark and Cathy Chhi, Reenie Thummel, Joseph Smead, Ron Fifer, Haing Hoc and Sovany Lam, Dorr H. Clark, Jan Smith, Linda Zhu, Taé Tran, Sandy Joe, Bret and Lisa Gengenbach, Dale and Arlene Gengenbach, Jun Deng, Kristen Kraupie, Charlie Gorwood, Ray Martin, Jane Kendall, Douglas Petry, Janelle Shook, Janell Adams, Soosan Rejai, Millie Howe, Chantell Kuhlmann, Thavary Krouch, Susan J. Mills, Stefani Chikos Murrell, Pat Collins, Joanne Roa, Catherine Doyle-Segura, Beverly Lu, Kandy Fabreo-Montelongo, Paul Owens, Jas Duggal, Sharyl Iwata, Cristina Carter, Kevin B. Murphy, Neha Pathak, Albert Lui, Marcia Gates, Bill Tynes, Sam and Vera Tous, Christopher Chiu, Maybelline Alejandro, Brenda and Jesse Liu, Steven Conston, Ryan and Jolyne Chhi, Rita Chhi, Jessica Chhi, Damian Neighbors, Jonathan S. CTan, Carolyn Buan Talosig, and many more supporters who choose to be anonymous.


This is the Acknowledgments section from the book